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Flying back

heeeee :)
  1. am i arrogant ?
  2. why did you love your boyfie ?
  3. who is your favourite actress , why ?
  4. why did you get quarrel with your boyfie ?
  5. what did you hate the most ?
  6. why did you love facebook ?
  7. do you love Domokun ? why ?
  8. do you hate me ?
  9. najwa latif or ainan tasneem ?
  10. your favourite subject ? why ?
  11. how do you know about me ? 

    hey peeps :) ASSALAMALAIKUM :) alahayyy :) kene jawab ouh soalan yang di tagged oleh Qiqie Ukamok :) act ,aku phun tak pndai na speaking ouh :) maen bedal jea :) To Qiqie :akak jwab dgn jujur tau :) sejujurnye :)

    1.No.u not arrogant :)
    2.because he is caring about me :D
    3.diana amir because she is beautiful woman :)
    4.because he is not understanding me :/
    5.when my mother babbler to me :)
    6.because facebook help me  connecting to my friends :)
    7.yes,i love domokun because u are admirer domokun :)
    8.No, i not hate u :) but i loveyousomuch :)
    9.Najwa latif :)
    10.PEND ISLAM because it is easy subject :)
    11.U are so kind person ,open minded n caring :)

    that all :) k chaioooooo ;)