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di tag oleh kakak comel :)
heyy :) alahayyyy :) kene tag oleh kakak aina yang plaing comel tuhhh :) tyou yeahh tag ea :) hihik :) eah :D na jawab niee :) tapi bi tunggang langgang cuz teacher goh ta abess ajar lagi ouh :) :)
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11 things about me :)

#nurshafiqah najihah bt murad :) 

#form 4zuhal at sch uress :)

#stay kampung kundor hilir,pedas :) 

#proud to be people n9 :)

#I have 3 siblings :) I;m first :) 

#single mingle :) 

#like purple,pink,chocolate.blue and the most orange :)

#i love my mom ,familys and friends :) they are the best :)

#i like listen music when i bored :)

#i'm not perfect person :D

#i hate person hypocrite :) 


#do u like me ? why ? 
- i like you because you are friendly person and pretty girl :)

#what is your dream place ?

-korea :)

#what the things that you love most ?

-handphone and my pillow :)

#what is your hobby ?

-listen music,blogging, and sleeping :)

#your favourite movie ?


#am I an annoying person?

-nope dear :)

#ur favourite actress and actor?

- Seung hyun (ft island ) and diana amir :)

#ur laptop/computar brand ?


#nikon or canon? 

-nikon :D

#do you love hang out or just stay home ?

-of course hang out :) weeeee :D

#the person who u love except your family and your friend?

-seung hyun ouh :) weeee :D

that all darling :) hihihik :) okayyyy :D tyouu tau tagged :D k chaiooooooooooooo :)